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Manual Plastic Pig Paddle

Tool for catching pigs

High quality plastic material

Save time and energy

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When arranging pigs or selling pigs, people need to catch pigs. Compared with the previous violent pig-hunting method, the way to catch pigs is now more human.

The tools for catching pigs were also upgraded from the original sticks, and tools such as electric pig paddles and manual pig paddles appeared.

Manual plastic pig paddle is mainly used in pig farms to catch pigs.

In large-scale pig farms, because of the large number of pigs, it is very troublesome to catch pigs most of the time, so pig paddles are artifacts used to catch pigs.

The manual pig paddle is made of high quality plastic, which is of excellent quality and durable.

The plastic manual pig paddle design is reasonable and unique, and it can play a very good alert effect on pigs when catching pigs.

The handle of the manual pig paddle has an oval design for comfortable grip.

The plastic manual pig paddle weighs about 300g, is light in weight and easy to use.

The working principle of the pig paddle is to pat a lightly, the pig paddle sounds, stimulate the pig’s hearing, and urge the pig to go forward.


  1. The design of the pig paddle is humanized .
  2. Save time and effort by using pig paddles to catch pigs .
  3. Manual pig paddles are made of plastic and are durable .
  4. Plastic manual pig paddles are of appropriate length and comfortable to use .
  5. The handle of the pig paddle is oval in shape and comfortable to hold.
  6. In addition, we also offer a variety of pig paddles, such as rechargeable pig paddles, pig paddles with batteries, upgraded pig paddles, and high-power pig paddles.

Product description

The pig paddle is a user-friendly design. When the pig is beaten, the pig paddle makes a sound . Drive the pigs through the sound .

The manual plastic pig paddle has four layers, and the outer layers of the upper and lower layers have soft sponges that do not harm the pig when tapping the buttocks of the pig.

The two blades in the middle will knock each other and make a sound. The pig paddle is the sound of the tapping of the blade to achieve the purpose of catching the pig.

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