Mouth Gag Opener for Cattle Horse

Metal material, no rust

Excellent quality and durability

Light weight, easy to hold


The mouth gag for cattle is commonly used in veterinary clinics and pastures for animal epidemic prevention.

The mouth gag for cattle mouth gag for animals not only for cattle, but also widely used for animals such as sheep and horse mouth gag opener .

Usage of metal mouth opener

After the animal is put down, the head and limb binding method must be adopted.

That is, a rope is inserted into the corner of the cow, a knot is made at the end of the rope and tightened, and the free end of the rope is pulled back over the joint.

The operator holds the open mouth gag opener in his left hand and inserts the opener iron tube into the animal’s mouth.

According to the size of the animal, a suitable stomach tube can be inserted into the esophagus from the middle of the iron tube.

After the rubber ball test, the funnel can be used to administer the medicine mouth gags for animals .

Features of Mouth Gag for Cattle:

  1. Mouth gag for cattle is metal material, no rust
  2. Mouth gag cow is of excellent quality and durability
  3. Open mouth gags mouth gags for animals is of light weight and easy to hold
  4. Cattle mouth gag is simple and scientific design and easy to use

The open mouth gag is a kind of mouth opener schulze mouth Veterinary instruments gag drinkwater  dentistry veterinary .

Additional information

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mouth gag for cattle



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