//One-piece for Ear Tag Pliers Applicator Tool

One-piece for Ear Tag Pliers Applicator Tool

High quality plastic material

Easy to operate and high in efficiency

General-purpose ear tag pliers for pigs and sheep

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Ear tag pliers is a tool wearing animal ear tags .

At present, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, especially for meat products.

This requires the professional households to classify and manage animals, and mark the animals with ear tags, but for large-scale breeding. The task is very big, so let’s introduce a convenient ear tag applicator.

This ear-marking pliers is a general-purpose ear tag tool for pigs ,cattle and sheep, which makes it easy to add ear tags to animals in the pasture, saving time and time, and being quick and easy to use. There are also red ear clamps and H-type ear clamps. Different models of ear tag clamps are available at different prices.

One-piece for ear tag pliers is used for tracking management of animal, such as epidemic prevention and identification.

Ear tag clap should be used with animal ear tags.

The ear tag clamp is designed according to the mechanical principle, saving labor and high efficiency.

Advantages of ear tag pliers

Ear tag tool is convenient adjustment, strong and durable.

The one-piece integrated ear tag pliers are simple to use and easy to operate.

The use process is simple, pressing, injecting, and withdrawing the needle in one go

The ear tag pliers are made of high quality TPU, soft and tough to prevent animal bites.

This ear tag clamp is UV-resistant, antibacterial, high temperature resistant and has a long service life.

The needle eye of the ear tag pliers is reasonably embedded and easy to use.

The ear tag applicator is labor-saving and durable, exquisite and beautiful.

The company sells a variety of types of ear tag tool and animal ear tags, excellent quality, ear tag applicator price is reasonable , and thoughtful service, welcome to consult and order.

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