Pig Castration Tool Burdizzo Clamp

Bloodless burdizzo clamps for sale

Stainless steel material for durability

Good quality and reasonable price


pig hog castration tool castration pliers

Using bloodless castration clamp, instead of directly destroying the testicles of male domestic animals, blood vessels, ligaments of the livestock are cut off at one time through the scrotum, so that the testicles have no blood.

This castration pliers is a bloodless castration tool for pigs.

The pig castration tool is made of stainless steel.

Castration tools are of good quality and reasonable price.

In addition, our company also sells other veterinary castration tools. For details, please call or online.

Pig castration tool features

  1. The pig castration tool won’t directly destroy male pig testicles.
  2. The spermatic cord, blood vessel and ligaments groups fully fall off by the large shear force of pliers edge through the scrotum.
  3.  The testicles of pig gradually wither without blood supply and necrosis
  4. The pig castration tool is made of stainless steel, which will not rust and is durable.
  5. The hog castration tool is simple to use, operate, and highly efficient.
  6. The jaws of the castration forceps are sharp, saving time and effort.

Use method of pig castration tool

Livestock care(that is ,reliable and stable livestock control),After local anesthesia,the surgeon squeezes his testicles to the bottom of the scrothurn.

The varicosity pushed to the outside of the scrotum neck ,and with long-handled varicosity fixed clamp on the medial skin sperm to prevent varicosity sliding.

And then the bloodless castration pliers clamp jaws open ,caught in the long handle varicosity fixed clamp fixed point above3-5cm pepartment.

After determining that the spermatic cord has been clamped by the jaws,force close the handle .Clamp handle should be closed at least 1 minute.

And the release the jaws of swine castration tools to ensure that varicosity has been broken.

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Pig castration tool




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