Pig Drinking Bowl

Stainless steel material

Unzerbrechlich, durable

Save water,prevent feed pollution

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Automatic stainless steel pig hog drinking water bowl

The pig drinking bowl have different sizes,can meet the use of pigs of different ages.

The drinking bowl for pigs is stainless steel,robust and save cost.

The drinking fountain pig water bowl is round design, beautiful, light in weight, saving time.

Fix the bowl on the wall and connect it to the water pipe,easy to install, simple to use.

Pig water bowl image

Features of drinking bowl

  1. Automatic pig water bowl is stainless steel material, long using time
  2. The surface of the drinking bowl for pigs is smooth, can not injure the pig,safe for pig
  3. Inner rod design ensures no water leakage
  4. Excellent quality and reasonable price,saving cost

Reasons for choosing the bowl

  1. stainless steel materials, unzerbrechlich, durable
  2. Different material and type meet customer needs
  3. 360° smooth polishing does not hurt the pig’s mouth
  4. Excellent quality and reasonable price,saving cost.
  5. Automatic pig waterer can save water,prevent feed pollution and ensure clean injection
  6. Pusher design saves manpower
  7. There are 2 screws in the waterer drinking bowl for pigs , which is stable and safe.

The company sells pig drinking water bowls of various specifications and materials, quality assurance, fast logistics, low postage.


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Stainless Steel

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Durable, easy to install, automatic

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