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Pig Drinking Water Nipple Drinker

Stainless steel pig automatic nipple drinker

Drinking waterer with filter, safe and sanitary

Farm pig drinking water system

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This automatic drinker is a pig nipple drinker with a strainer.The automatic pig drinking water nipple drinker consists of a filter, stem, stainless steel spring and nipple body.

This pig drinking water nipple drinker is a fully automatic water drinker that lets your pigs say goodbye to traditional drinking water, ensuring that pig drinking water is clean and prevent disease.

This pig nipple drinker is made of stainless steel to prevent rust, corrosion and aging.

The whole of the drinker is thickened and treated to extend the service life.

The pig drinker waterer nipple is finely ground and does not harm the pig’s mouth, making it safer to use.

The pig drinker for sale has a filter that filters out impurities in the water, making the pig’s drinking water healthier and reducing the probability of disease.

Why choose this drinker?

  1. Pig nipple drinkers can be effective water saving
  2. pig waterer nipple is good for health and safety
  3. Prevent disease
  4. Pig nipple drinker is simple structure and easy to use
  5. Pig drinking water nipple drinker can provide clean and hygienic water for pigs.

In addition, we offer another pig stainless steel duckbill type nipple drinker . Excellent quality, welcome to consult and order.

In addition, the company sells a variety of pig drinkers , welcome to consult and purchase.

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