//Pig Ear Tag Applicator for Cattle Sheep Pig

Pig Ear Tag Applicator for Cattle Sheep Pig

High quality aluminum alloy material

Wearing ear tag special tools

Simple operation and durability

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The pig ear tag applicator is mainly used for animal ear tags.

The ear tag applicator is made of high quality, durable and durable. The ear pin can be flipped 90° flexibly, with accessories for longer life.

In addition to this ear tag pliers, the company also sells other models and types of ear tag application tools (ear tag pliers) and a variety of animal ear tags, good quality and reasonable price, welcome to consult and order.


Aluminum alloy material, labor saving and durable

The ear tag plier is easy to operate and has high efficiency.

The pig ear tag pliers are ergonomically designed for more reasonable design and comfortable use.

Ear tag applicator instructions

1. Hold the automatic bounce tag pliers to press, the switch automatic to turn on

2. Press the clip, install ear tag

3. Put the nail binding on ear tag needle, remained stable

4. Full immersion in the disinfectant, safety and health

5. Find a appropriate placement of the ears , put forth effort to finish at one time.

Additional information


Pig ear tag applicator


install ear tag


Aluminum alloy






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