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Pig Ear Tags Hog Tagging

CPU material era tags

Ear tag with numbers

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Ear tag pig pig tag pig with ear tag is easy to manage for farmers . Pig ear tags metalor plastic doesn’t matter .  pig ear tagging ear tags for pigs  (piglet ear tags) is very necessary for mondern farming .

In scale farming, in order to facilitate the management of livestock herds, farmers usually wear ear tags for livestock.The pig ear tags, as its name suggests, is the logo worn on the pig’s ear.

Wearing hog ear tags require the use of a special ear tag pliers.

This swine ear tag is available in three sizes and is available in three colors.

1. Size: 7.5 * 6.0cm / 5.0 * 1.7cm / 4.8*4.0cm

2. Color: yellow, green, orange

Hog ear tag advantages:

The swine ear tags come with numbers and is made of TPU material.

The first-grade high-quality PU (polyurethane) batch application ear tag for pigs is used for promotional manufacturing.

Excellent precision and purity of PU raw materials, harmless safety and environmentally friendly animal ear tags suppliers .

Full range of animal hog swine pig piglet ear tags.

Over 10 years of life insurance ear tags are used for animal management, and internal hook connections ensure protection against falling off and harsh conditions for animal feeding management.


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