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Pig Gestation Positioning Column

Thick galvanized material

Saving farming space

Reduce the probability of sow abortion

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Pig gestation positioning column is a positioning bar applied to individual sows or boar breeding .

The pig positioning column can limit the range of activities of pigs, allowing pigs to grow faster, and at the same time facilitate feeding, cleaning and scouring .

Pig gestation positioning column is made of GB galvanized pipe and integral hot-dip galvanizing, the anti-rust effect is very good .

The shape of pig gestation positioning column is all adopted standpipe, more solid, to the greatest degree to ensure the stability of the pigshed.

The mono-pig is applied to empty sows and pregnant sows to effectively avoid feeding, biting and favoring the sow’s miscarriage when the pregnant sow feeds .

And the concentration bar feed, drinking water and manure handling are all concentrated.

It also has a small footprint, a small amount of sewage, and is easy to implement mechanized management.

The product is thick positioning column . In addition,the company also offter standard sow positioning column .

Benefits of the positioning column

First, it can help the breeder to feed properly.

In the pre-pregnancy period, the sows are together with four or five pigs. When eating together, they have to eat together.

If you want to know in detail which pigs have not eaten enough, there are some difficulties.

In the case of pregnant sows living in a single positioning column, these conditions can be seen at a glance .

The breeders can feed them reasonably according to their fatness and thinness.

Second, it can avoid sow abortion.

If the sows after pregnancy are still living in large columns, they will inevitably have some fights and competitions. Living in the positioning bar avoids fighting and avoids abortion.

Advantages of the pig gestation positioning column

  1. Save space, increase the number of units to be raised, suitable for intensive farming.
  2. It is easy to raise and manage, easy to feed and clean the manure, and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  3. Convenient for statistics, the sow lives in the positioning bar at a glance, not easy to make mistakes.
  4. Avoid the battle of sows and reduce the rate of abortion.


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