Pig Grinding Teeth Machine Piglet Grinder

pig electric grinding machine

Safe and efficient

with 4 diamond bistriques


The pig grinding teeth machine is a tool specially designed for pig molars, including the handle body and the collet body.

The center of the collet body is provided with an elastic collet and a fastening nut.

The elastic collet is provided with a bistrique, and the outer part of the bistrique is provided with a protective sleeve.

The protective sleeve is provided with a protective hole.

The grinding teeth machine for pigs not only overcomes the existing tooth cutting pliers, but also overcomes the defects of the teeth of the newborn piglets .

And machine overcomes the unevenness of the teeth of the newborn piglets after being treated.

The grinding teeth machine can smooth the cross-section of the teeth after the teeth are cut, allowing the sow to easily breastfeed.

If the pig does not grind after cutting the teeth, the cross section of the tooth will cause damage to the mouth of the pig.

At the same time, the grinding can prevent the pigs from injuring each other when fighting .

And the chance of death of the pig can be reduced by grinding the teeth .

Pig grinding can repair damaged teeth, increase animal intake, reduce oral odor, gingivitis and so on.

Another way to cut piglet’s teeth is to use stainless steel manual pig teeth clipping pliers.

Features of pig grinder

  1. The pig grinding teeth machine can quickly and painlessly grind the teeth of newborn piglets.
  2. Smooth the cross section of the teeth so that the sow can easily breastfeed
  3. Grinding teeth can prevent each other from harming each other when fighting, reducing the mortality rate of piglets
  4. The machine for pigs can repair damaged teeth and increase animal intake
  5. Reduce mouth odor, gingivitis, bleeding gums and suppuration
  6. Safe, effective, easy to operate, and efficient
  7. The pig grinding teeth machine is equipped with a diamond grinding head, which has high hardness and long service life.
  8. Special aluminum alloy jacket with high precision and safety, will not hurt the gums
  9. The grinding machine is specially equipped with an air inlet and an air outlet for ventilation and heat dissipation of the motor.
  10. The pig grinding teeth machine is equipped with 4 diamond bistriques for longer use.

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 21 cm



Diamond grinding head + alloy sheath


220v 50/60HZ






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