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Pig Nipple Drinker Water Drinkers

Material of stainless steel

The product is made in one piece

The main body is thickening

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pig nipple drinker

The pig nipple drinker consists of drinking fountain body, valve stem, steel ball,and water filter.

When drinking water, the pig’s mouth pushes the valve stem to make it push up the steel ball.

The water flows out from the gap between the steel ball and the drinking fountain body for pigs to drink.

After the drinking, the steel ball and the valve reset by gravity, and the water outlet is tightly sealed under the action of water pressure.


  1. The material of stainless steel
  2. This nipple drinker for pigs is made in one piece
  3. The main body is thickening
  4. The hog nipple drinker meticulously polish

The reason for choosing the drinker

  1. conserve water
  2. prevent disease
  3. Simple structure

pig nipple drinker

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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 7.6 × 2.1 cm

Stainless Steel


Pig ,Swine



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