Pig Sorting Board

New non-toxic health raw materials

Thickened and heavy, durable

Excellent quality and reasonable price

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This pig blocking board is a thickened and heavier piglet board. It is designed to catch pigs and is easy to use.

This pig sorting board is available in two sizes. The small weight is about 2kg, the specification is 76*46cm, the medium weight is 4.1kg, and the specification is 93*76cm.

This thick-type pig-block is a good helper for scale farming. It is durable and easy to use. The product is made of new materials and is more sturdy and firm, which can effectively reduce the damage to the piglet when the pig hits.

There are six characteristics of the pig sorting board.

New raw materials

The pig blocking board is made of new non-toxic and harmless raw materials. Safety and environmental protection

Thickening and weighting design

The piglet block board is made of thicker and heavier, which is firmer and more durable.

Scientific design

The design of the hog sorting board is ergonomic, easy to hold, saves time and effort

Concave design

Unique concave design can effectively reduce the damage of the pig board


High quality raw materials, elaborately produced, quality guaranteed

If the product is broken, the company compensates

The after-sales service of the hog-sorting board is guaranteed, and the damage to the package is lost, so that you can buy it with confidence.

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Weight 2 kg







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