Pig Urine Pregnancy Test

Early pregnancy diagnostic test strip

Accurate test

Safe and healthy


The pig urine pregnancy test kit strips is a pig early pregnancy diagnostic test strip.This test strip is not reusable. There is one step pig hog sow swine pregnancy test pig hog swine pregnancy tester for sale in our company .

Features pregnancy test for pigs

The pig urine pregnancy test is used for the diagnosis of early pregnancy of pigs. It has high accuracy, easy operation, rapid detection, storage at room temperature, easy to carry, and harmless to mother and baby.

Two red lines indicate pregnancy; a red line indicates no pregnancy, and colorless indicates that the test is invalid.

swine pregnancy tester usage

Take the pig urine from the container, open the aluminum foil paper, take out the test plate and the straw, and suck the urine with the straw

Three or four drops of pig urine were dropped into the circular sample hole of the test plate, and the urine slowly moved to the other end of the test paper under the action of siphoning.

In the window piece to one or two red lines, observe the results within ten minutes.

Additional information



Two red lines


One red line

not pregnant

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