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Pig Water Bowl Stainless Steel Hog Feeders

More hygienic

Save more water

Stainless steel, durable and cost effective

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pig water bowl stainless steel hog feeders

  1. The pig water bowl is different from traditional pig water bowl.
  2. The hog water bowl can be more concise and convenient to use.
  3. The stainless steel production can be low maintenance cost, convenient environmental protection.

Features of stainless steel hog feeders

  1. More hygienic
  2. Stainless steel pig feeders can save more water
  3. Eliminate metal drinking fountains to scratch pigs and protect pigs
  4. Medicine can be added in water to achieve the purpose of saving
  5. Hog feeder with stainless steel, durable and cost effective


The hog water bowl is screw hole design, the drinking bowl can be directly fixed to the wall with screws, and the joint is connected with water pipes.

Internal structure

stainless steel pig feeder for sale


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stainless steel

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