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Pig Waterer Automatic Water Trough for Piglets

Automatic piglets water trough

Exquisite shape

Excellent quality

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The pig waterer is one of the indispensable equipments for large-scale farming. Pig water trough not only ensures the safe and healthy drinking water, but also saves time and effort.

Traditional way of drinking bowl

  1. Pig drink water in river or pool
  2. The way of drinking water is unhygienic
  3. Drinking way pollute and waste water

Features of piglet trough

  1. The hog waterer pig watering trough is engineering plastics material,good quality
  2. The pig water bowl can save water and medicine
  3. Unique shape of samll automatic water trough waterer for pigs, it is the pig can see the water level at a glance
  4. Smooth material of swine hog waterer avoid scratching pigs

Advantage of the pig waterers

  1. Sow drinking water bowl is excellent quality and reasonable price
  2. Automatic pig water trough is easy to install, simple to use
  3. Excellent material of the piglet bowl, durable and long-lasting
  4. Touch type water trough, once touch, the water will flow out, high efficent, save time
  5. Unique design of the pig green waterer, scientific and reasonable
  6. automatic pig water trough for sale is with pure copper valve core, no rust,bowl is good of quality.


Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg

Plastic ,stainless steel




pigs ,piglet


9.5*9*5 cm

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