Piglet Incubator

Thick material, good insulation performance

Composite material, durable

Reasonable design and user-friendly

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This piglet incubator is made of composite plastic. The net weight of the product is about 8.8kg. pig farm equipment

The piglet incubator is a spare part, and the combined delivery is convenient and needs to be installed by yourself.

Piglet incubator features

Insulation has good insulation performance

The plastic piglet incubator has good sound insulation

Pig incubator is easy to install and disassemble

The plastic incubator for swine piglet is of good quality and durable


Thick material, good insulation performance

The incubator is a thick composite material board that is more durable and has a longer service life than an ordinary incubator.

Composite material, durable

The swine incubator has a certain degree of sealing, which can prevent dust and rain from entering, providing a good warm space for piglets.

Reasonable design and user-friendly

The top of the incubator is provided with a ventilation hole, a heat preservation lamp hole, and an observation hole.

Simple installation

Use the screws to assemble the insulation board and use it.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg





Composite plastic




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