Piglet Pig Tooth Nipper

Carbon steel material

Sharp and firm jaws

Handle with leather case


The product is a special teeth plier for piglets. Piglet tooth nipper is a veterinary plier with stainless body and rubber handle nipper cutter .

Piglet pig  tooth nipper is mainly used for piglets and rabbits to cut off the deciduous teeth, preventing the piglets from biting each other or biting the sow’s nipples.

The pig tooth nipper has a sharp cut and is safe and reliable.

Features of tooth nipper

  1. The pig tooth pliers are made of carbon steel, which is durable and cost-effective.
  2. The pig tooth forceps are small in size and easy to carry.
  3. The pig’s dental forceps are designed with a special oblique shape and the jaws are sharp.
  4. The pig tooth pliers have a built-in circlip, which can be automatically returned, which is convenient and labor-saving.
  5. Plastic non-slip handle, wear-resistant and non-slip
  6. The piglet teeth clipping is easy to disinfect and safe.

Why cut the piglet’s teeth?

Avoid biting piglet each other because of scrambling sow’s nipple

After the pigs are born, they often fight for the nipples. When they compete for the nipples, they use the canines to fight each other and bite the cheeks. Once infected by bacteria, they will affect their consumption of milk, and some even cause blinking and loss of breeding value.

Avoid biting the sow’s nipple

When the piglets compete for the nipple, the sharp canine teeth will bite the sow’s nipple or breast.

This may cause inflammation of the breast, and the sow will refuse to breastfeed due to pain, and will be restless, and the proportion of stepping on and crushing the piglets will increase.

If the sow refuses to breastfeed for a long time, the milk in the breast cannot be discharged in time. This can cause milk reflux or produce mastitis, affecting the development of the breast. It also reduces the survival rate of piglets.


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