Plastic Automatic Cattle Drinking Bowl

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Plastic Automatic Cattle Drinking Bowl

High-strength plastic material

Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy

Automatic water storage


This waterer is a plastic automatic drinking bowl

The waterer bowl automatic water trough for cattle is suitable for cattle and horses.

The automatic drinking bowl is made of high-strength engineering plastic.

The drinking bowls can be filled automatically after the animals have finished drinking water, and will not overflow .

And the water level can be adjusted independently to save water resources.

The size of the drinking bowl is 28cm*26cm and the capacity is 4L.

The plastic automatic drinking bowl is light blue in color.

After using this automatic drinking water bowl, it is not necessary to manually add water to the cattle every day, which is clean and hygienic, saving time and effort.

Reasons to choose the automatic waterer bowl

The drinking bowl is made of high-strength plastic material, which is resistant to extrusion, impact and cracking.

The autoamtic water bowl for cattle is an automatic drinking bowl, and the cattle and sheep leave to stop the water.

Automatic drinker bowl with float ball, real-time monitoring of water level, automatic water storage

The plastic drinking water bowl is made of food grade PE material, non-toxic and odorless, safe and secure to use.

Bowl deep, large capacity of automatic cattle water

The drinking bowl is easy to install, and the U-shaped clip can be used to fix the bowl on the water pipe.

The automatic water trough for cattle drinking bowl has fine workmanship, no burrs, and a smooth appearance that does not hurt the cow’s mouth.

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