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Plastic Calf Weaner Cow Weaning Ring

Dedicated to calf weaning

Available in a variety of colors

New design, more durable

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Plastic calf weaner device cow weaning ring

In the more than a month that the calf have grown, the milk produced by the cows is fully capable of meeting the needs of the calves.

But after more than a month, the cow’s milk is not enough.

The amount of milk produced by the cow and the amount of milk consumed by the calf form a difference in scissors.

As the calf’s appetite gets bigger and bigger, the cows are a bit overwhelmed, and the calves are often not enough.

What’s more important is that if weaning is too late, it will have a great impact on the calf’s future intake. Therefore, the calf must be weaned in time.

The weaning device is designed for the calf. Weaning can be achieved by installing the weaning device on the calf’s nose.

Calf weaning ring device prevents the calf from nursing while allowing the calf to graze and have physical contact with the cow.


  1. This plastic weaner weaning ring for cows is a new type of calf weaner
  2. Weaning device is made by thickening and thickening, strong and not easy to break.
  3. The calf weaning ring device is made of pure plastic, non-polluting and durable
  4. This type of weaner is specially reinforced with parallel bars as a support, strong and firm
  5. Thick and pure material, safe and non-toxic, making exquisite
  6. Available in a variety of colors (if the amount purchased is large, it can be customized)
  7. Have a good weaning effect
  8. Good elasticity and more durable

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plastic calf weaner




non-toxic PVC




Yellow, Green, Red, Blue




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