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Plastic Calf Weaner Device

Designed for calf weaning

Available in other colors and sizes

High quality plastic material for durability

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The calf weaning device is installed on the calf’s nose. When the calf is fed, the weaning device will stab the cow, and the cow will refuse to let the calf suck the nipple because of the pain, thus achieving the calf weaning.

The  plastic calf weaner is a simple, environmentally friendly and economical yak weaning artifact. Clamp the weaning device to the yak nose and adjust the tightness by adjusting the ends or bolts to prevent the calf from getting close to the cow.

But it does not interfere with the physical contact between the mother and the child and play.

After 4-7 days, remove the weaner ,the calf will gradually adapt. The weaner device can be used repeatedly, but it needs to be cleaned and disinfected before the next use, which is more protective for the calf.

Advantages of the calf weaner device

  1. Weaning device is used to prevent calves from sucking cow nipples
  2. Wearing a calf weaning device prevents the calves from licking each other.
  3. The calf wears a weaning device that prevents the calves from pouting each other and preventing the spread of disease.
  4. This weaning device is suitable for calves under 18 months.
  5. Reduce the pressure on the calf weaning
  6. The weaning device can be washed and reused.
  7. High quality plastic material for durability in cattle farm.


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Product name

Plastic calf weaner device




Nylon calf weaner




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