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Plastic Chicken Feeder

Classic chicken feeder

The feeder is made of plastic

Two colors red and blue for choice

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plastic little giant chicken poultry feeder waterer

This plastic feeder is a classic chicken feeder.

It plastic chicken feeder has eight feeding holes on each side, and a total of sixteen feeding holes are suitable for adult chickens.

Each hole of little giant poultry chicken feeder is a separate feed hole to avoid food waste.

This chicken feeder is made of high-density polypropylene plastic for durability and light weight.

In addition, the company also provides red chicken feed containers .


  1. The poultry feeder is more convenient to add food and feed.
  2. Using plastic poultry feeders not only save feed, but more importantly, it allows the chicken to eat clean and healthy food, prevent diseases and improve the survival rate of the poultry.
  3. Snap-in hinge design for long life
  4. The feeding suppy is made of high density polypropylene for durability.
  5. With 16 feed holes to ensure multiple chickens are fed simultaneously
  6. The top of the feeder is covered to prevent debris from mixing with the feed.
  7. Excellent quality of the plastic feeder, reasonable price and save cost.

plastic chicken feeders

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