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Plastic Incubator for Swine Piglet

Black plastic piglet incubator

High strength, aging resistance

Non-toxic and harmless material

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This product is intended for piglets, lambs, cats and dogs.

Plastic incubator for swine piglet is farm warming equipment.

1. The incubator is made of high quality environmentally friendly materials and injection molded.

2. The piglet incubator has no odor, and solves the stimulation of the respiratory tract of the piglet by the FRP incubator;

3. The inner wall of the incubator, the door is smooth, the piglets will not scratch the skin;

4. This black incubator has high strength, good toughness, aging resistance and long service life.

5.  The new incubator for swine quality is excellent, the wall thickness is even, please rest assured to buy

6. The plastic incubator is provided with small pig import and export, electric heating plate wiring port, heat preservation lamp installation port and observation port.


Material of the incubator is non-toxic and harmless

The surface of the insulation board is smooth and will not harm the piglets

Factory direct sales, reasonable price, quality assurance

Insulation box design is reasonable and scientific

No odor, no harm to pigs

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