Plastic pig artificial insemination catheter

plastic pig artificial insemination catheter

Improve the survival rate of insemination

Safe and non-toxic material


The plastic pig artificial insemination catheter is made of medical grade VEA high elastic foaming material.
It is non-toxic and harmless, moderate in hardness , and has excellent materials.
Greatest guarantee of the quality of the vas deferens! The top of the pig catheter will not cause damage to the uterus, allowing the sperm to enter the uterus smoothly!
The catheter has a flat fracture and a precise size combined with the bottle mouth.
The catheter is single packaged and safe and hygienic.
The special tail lock pattern is perfectly adhered to the infusion bottle or bag, and the semen can flow smoothly in the vas deferens to distinguish the required semen!
The front end of the vas deferens foam head has a round hole and the size is standard, which can effectively control the flow of semen;
The front end of the foam head of the artificial insemination catheter is controlled within 3mm, which avoids stabbing the inner body of the sow and avoids clogging the semen input.

Pig artificial insemination principle

Artificial insemination in pig uterus, also known as deep artificial insemination, is a kind of insemination technique in which the sperm is housed in the uterine cavity 15-20 cm from the cervix using a special insemination catheter.
The principle of use of the common vas deferens : insemination at the cervix.
After the pig sperm enters the reproductive tube of the sow, the sperm moves forward along the reproductive tube of the sow.
The density shows a gradient reduction.
In the cervix, the density of some sperm is the highest, reaching more than 10,000,000.
But when reaching the upper part of the fallopian tube, the density of sperm is only 1000 (fertilization site).
This high selectivity of pig sperm and the enormous loss during operation make it possible for the more viable and active sperm to reach the fertilization site and also limit the number of sperm
that reach the fertilization site, while the vast majority of sperm Ingested or killed by white blood cells.
In-depth use of the vas deferens : in the depths of the uterus insemination, in the state of estrus sow completely relaxed, the inner catheter and vas deferens as a carrier of sperm transport.
under the effect of intense insemination of the insemination bottle ,the tube penetrates into the uterus.
In the shortest time, the sperm is transported to the ovary and combined with the egg.
The use of intrauterine vas deferens saves the time of sperm from the insemination site reached by the child’s neck. The sperm can be combined with the egg under vigorous conditions to achieve high conception, high delivery and high survival rate.

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