Plastic Pig Castration Pliers Elastrator

Bloodless castration burdizzo

Safety, avoid complications



elastrator for cattle hog pig sheep animal castration tool

Castration pliers are used for pigs and sheep tails, animal castration.

Animal castration tool is used together with the  rubber castration rings .

Burdizzo castration elastrator is simple to operate, safe, and easy to handle after surgery.

It does not need to cut the animal’s scrotum, and the animal will not bleed.

This clamp elastrator is made of stainless steel and plastic and is durable. The castration tongs are made of plastic, smooth and do not hurt your hands.

The plastic pig castration pliers open the rubber ring and puts it on the tail, testicles and naturally falls off after a few days.

The use of this castration tool does not require cutting the scrotum of the animal, does not bleed, thereby reducing side effects.

And the castration tool elastrator is a more advanced veterinary surgical instrument.

The operation is simple. The surgeon only needs a short training to take advantage of the skills, while the traditional surgical castration requires a specially trained veterinarian.

Plastic castration pliers animal castration tool is safe, because animal castration tool does not need to cut the scrotum of livestock during surgery .

Thus reducing the risk of wound infection and avoiding the risk of death of livestock after tetanus infection after surgery.

Post-operative care is very simple, using castration forceps to cast the animals, no special care after surgery, so as to avoid complications .

Features of the elastrator

  1. The use of castration tools is simple.
  2. Castration tool elastrator design science, comfortable to use
  3. The animal castration tool elastrator is made of plastic and stainless steel.

In addition, the company also offers stainless steel animal castration tool .

Additional information




Stainless steel ,plastic


Pig, sheep, cattle etc animal


Castrating, docking


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