Plastic Pig Ear Tags

TPU material

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The hog ear tag does not have a number, but it can be customized according to user needs.

The ear tag is made of TPU plastic material and is mounted on the pig’s ear to identify the pig. Even if the pig is 30 meters away, it can be clearly seen. The plastic pig ear tags are of excellent quality and has a service life of 10 years. Ear tags and ear tag pliers need to be used together.


The swine ear tags are made of TPU, which is cold resistant, freeze resistant, durable and not easily damaged.

The earrings of the hog ear tags are made of copper, which are not easy to loose, not easy to corrode and will not rust.

Instructions for use:

Hold the ear clamps lightly and the automatic switch pops up.

Press the clip and attach the ear tag

Attach the ear label nail to the ear tag needle of the ear tag clamp and keep it stable.

Fully diffuse in the disinfectant, safe and hygienic.

Install the ear tags in the proper position of the ears.

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