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Plastic Pig Feeders for sale

Piglet-specific trough feeder

High-strength plastic material

Easy to use, clean and hygienic

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The trough feeder pigs for sale is a special feeder for piglets. The pig feeders for sale is made of high-strength high-quality plastic, which is healthy, safe, durable and environmentally friendly.

The piglet feeders consists of a chassis, a metal rod and a bottom hook. The structure of the plastic pig feeders for sale is simple and the design is reasonable.

The metal rod of the piglet trough is a galvanized metal rod that guarantees no rust for a long time.

The work of the feeder is fine, and the welding points are finely treated to prevent falling off due to rust.

The swine trough automatic pig feeder for sale allows the pigs to eat in separate columns and can accommodate multiple piglets.

There is a hook at the bottom of the pig trough to hang the trough on the leaking floor and it is safe and stable.

The chassis of the feeder is high-strength plastic, anti-fall, anti-aging, smooth surface and easy to clean.

The company sells pig troughs swine feeders for sale and drinkers of various materials and specifications, quality assurance, reasonable price, welcome to consult and purchase.

Choose automatic pig feeders reason:

  1. The material of plastic hog feeders has been carefully selected and tested many times.
  2. Professional production, specializing in the production and sales of livestock products
  3. automatic pig feeder for sale with packaging profession
  4. After-sales technical support, service intimate

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Plastic pig feeders for sale








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