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Plastic Pig Feeding Trough

High quality plastic material

Funnel design to reduce feed waste

Wall-mounted trough is easy to install

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The trough is a special feed trough for piglets, a trough that is often used in scale farming. Plastic pig feeding trough design is unique.

The pig feeding trough is made of high-quality plastic material, which is wear-resistant, durable and durable.

The plastic feed trough is mainly used to replenish feed for newborn piglets, ensuring that piglets can feed at any time without wasting feed.

Product advantages

The trough is wall-mounted and has a small footprint, allowing the pig to have more space.

The piglet feeding trough adopts upper and lower split structure, which is convenient for cleaning.

This trough can effectively prevent piglets from peeing in the trough and wasting feed.

The plastic feeding trough is a new high-quality plastic, safe and healthy, durable. It is an essential product for the replacement of the farm.


  1. The piglet feeding trough is made of high-quality plastic material, which has good elasticity, is not afraid of falling, and is durable.
  2. The trough feeder can reduce feed waste and saving feeding costs.
  3. The color of the trough is fresh and eye-catching, and the shape is beautiful and generous.
  4. The pig feeding trough is a funnel-shaped design, convenient for feeding, more storage of feed, convenient for adding feed, saving time and effort
  5. The trough has four food positions to facilitate the feeding of multiple pigs at the same time.
  6. The trough is easy to install, and the fixing bolts are placed behind the trough and can be used by being fixed on the bed rail fence.

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