Plastic Poultry Flooring for Sale

Chicken house plastic slatted floor

New plastic material

Easy to clean and keep the house clean




The poultry floor is made of different sizes of septic holes on a flat plate of different materials.

The broiler flooring hole is narrow on the top and wide under the vent, and the urine of the feces is automatically discharged through the septic hole, which can effectively maintain the hygiene of the cockroach.

The use of this floor can be cleaned infrequently, which greatly saves manpower and material resources. The traditional slatted floor is made of bamboo or wood, but it is not resistant to corrosion and is not waterproof. If it is used for a long time, it is easily damaged and it is not convenient to clean.

At present, the commonly used slat flooring is cement material, plastic material, cast iron floor, composite slat floor.The slat floor sold by the company is made of plastic.

This plastic slatted floor is made from a new plastic material and is mainly used in chicken houses.This plastic poultry flooring for sale has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and durability.

The raw material of the chicken slatted floor is polyethylene, which is of excellent quality and safe to use.

The plastic poultry flooring for sale is formed in one time, without gaps, and is easy to install and disassemble.

The slats flooring can be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun to keep the house clean.

This slat flooring has two specifications, one is a horizontal grid, and the other is a vertical grid. The pore size is 1.8*2.5 cm.

Advantages of Chicken house plastic poultry slats flooringfor sale:

Plastic slatted floor for poultry is easy to install, sturdy and reliable

Poultry slatted floor has large load-bearing capacity, flat bed, not easy to bend, moderate elastic

Slatted floor for poultry is high fecal leaking rate, and slatted floor poultry house is easy to wash

No burrs, can significantly improve the chicken feeding and managing conditions.

In addition, we also offer hog slat flooring for sale and dura slat flooring for sheep . Excellent quality, welcome to consult and order.

Additional information


Plastic poultry for sale

Chicken house plastic slat floor size

400mmx500mm/ 800mmx500mm / 1200mmx500mm

Support beam height

90mm/ 120mm


PP new material


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