Plastic Semen Bottle

LDPE low density polyethylene material

Disposable products, clean and hygienic

A variety of specifications to choose from


The plastic semen bottle is made of new environmentally friendly raw materials, which is more in line with the physiological structure of pigs. The material of the semen bottle is soft and does not easily damage the inner wall of the uterus, which can reduce the occurrence of various inflammations caused by the friction of the vas deferens on the uterus and vagina during insemination.

Plastic semen bottles need to be used with vas deferens.

Semen bottles are disposable and available in a variety of sizes. The company sells 40ml, 60ml, 80ml plastic semen bottles and vas deferens.

There are 500 semen bottles per case and 1000 per case of vas deferens. Because both the semen bottle and the vas deferens are disposable , we recommend a full box purchase.

The disposable plastic semen bottle is made of LDPE low density polyethylene. It is very soft, cold resistant, heat resistant and tear resistant, safe, non-toxic and healthy.

The caps of the semen bottles are available in a variety of colors to clearly distinguish the required semen.

This vas deferens is very soft and does not damage the inner wall of the uterus.


LDPE low density polyethylene material of the plastic semen bottle, healthy, non-toxic, safe.

The caps of the plastic semen bottles come in a variety of colors for easy identification.

Semen bottles and insemination catheters are disposable, clean and hygienic.

The company specializes in the sale of animal husbandry products, quality assurance, and thoughtful service.


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