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Rabbit Water Bottles Plastic Bottles

Available in a variety of colors

Transparent plastic material

Drinking bottle with scale

Device designed for rabbits

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rabbit water bottles nipples

Rabbit cage water bottle is made of high-strength plastic composite.This bottle is a special drinking device for breeding rabbits.

The rabbit water bottle is easy to disassemble and all components can be cleaned.

The rabbit water bottle stainless steel faucet is durable and does not rust.

The surface of the rabbit water bottle has a scale to understand the daily water consumption of the rabbit.

The faucet of the rabbit cage water bottle is designed with stainless steel double marbles. It does not drip or leak water, and the water is smooth and will not harm the rabbit.

The drinking bottle has a large buckle, which can be directly suspended from the rabbit cage for easy installation.

The capacity of the water bottle is 500ml, even for adult rabbits.This rabbit water bottles are available in a variety of colors.

Features of rabbit water bottles

Rabbit water bottle nipples is of hanging design and easy to use .

There are steel balls in the nipple, and the water can be discharged with a single touch.

Sealing gasket inside the cap to prevent water leakage

Drinking water bottle has high permeability, no odor, no toxicity

Note: Do not use boiling water to clean the bottle, otherwise it will cause damage to the drinking bottle.

Additional information

Product name

Plastic water bottles for rabbit


drinker water to rabbit




automatic drinking system




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