Portable Vaccine Carrier

User-friendly design, good insulation effect

White engineering plastic with weak radiation ability

Effective preent air circulation between outside and inside

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The product is a portable vaccine carrier . The outer shell of this portable vaccine carrier is made of polyethylene; the inner shell is made of polypropylene.

The vaccine carrier is available in two sizes. One size has a capacity of 8L and one has a capacity of 12L.

This vaccine carrier is mainly used for short-distance storage and transportation of semen, as well as for the transportation of vaccines and medicines. The reefer is foamed with a sufficient amount of polyurethane and has a large capacity with two ice packs.

The vaccine carrier material is made of polypropylene, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, anti-freeze and durable, and the quality of the liner is excellent.

The portable vaccine carrier is provided with a double alloy buckle, the buckle is tight and the seal is tight.

The outer shell of the carrier is polyethylene, the inner liner is polypropylene, and the intermediate heat insulating layer is polyurethane foam.

The interior has high-quality sealing strips, which are resistant to cold and heat, durable and resistant to aging, and have a long service life.

The surface of the portable vaccine carrier adopts the anti-wear pattern design of the pockmark particles, which is more durable and wear resistant.

The inner layer adopt white engineering plastic with weak radiation ability and strong absorption power, reducing warm or cold loss by radiation.

Professional labyrinth structure design to assure the insulation of box, and effective preent air circulation between outside and inside.

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PE shell, PP inner






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