Poultry Artificial Insemination Gun

Excellent quality and durability

Made of high quality metal and non-toxic plastic

Applicable object: Chicken


poultry artificial insemination gun equipment chicken ai gun tool  artificial insemination in poultry


  1. The amount of sperm can be adjusted, and you can lose 40 to 50 chickens at a time.
  2. Non-toxic plastic vas deferens, safer and more assured, can hold 1 ml of liquid at a time
  3. Back-end spiral push button and check-back card device for easy use
  4. Top dose adjustment wheel, adjustable dose size, convenient, save liquid
  5. Excellent quality and durability
  6. Poultry artificial insemination gun is made of high quality metal and non-toxic plastic


  1.  Put the plug (gel plug) on ​​the plug head of poultry artificial insemination gun
  2. Apply a little glycerin (glycerol) liquid paraffin, petrolatum or vegetable oil to the periphery of the plug to lubricate. This type of lubricant is harmless to sperm.
  3. Press the back card with one hand and hold the file with the other hand.
  4. Adjust the insemination dose: Turn the adjustment wheel. The amount of insemination can be adjusted, the amount of insemination is reduced when turning clockwise, and the amount of insemination is increased when counterclockwise. After turning the adjusting wheel counterclockwise, cooperate with the pulsing machine to watch the forward movement distance of the plug. The volume of the seminal septic tube is 1 ml, and the scale is divided into 50 small cells, each of which has a capacity of 0.02 ml.
  5. Sucking semen and insemination: After inserting the head of the eosinating tube into the collecting cup and taking the semen, you can insemination. In the case of insemination, the head of the storage tube is inserted into the genital cavity and the trigger is 2 cm, that is, the insemination is completed.


  1. It is best to use one of the reservoir tubes for each insemination gun. If it is to be used for many days, it must be cleaned and disinfected daily, and then dried naturally.
  2. It poultry artificial insemination gun is best to install the eosin tube before the insemination, and it should be ready for use.
  3. Before loading the plug into the reservoir, it must be coated with a small amount of non-toxic and harmless lubricant.
  4. It artificial insemination gun in poultry is strictly forbidden to pull the trigger when the plug has moved to the front end.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 cm



High quality metal and non-toxic plastic

Applicable object:


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