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Poultry Chicken Feeding Trays

High quality raw material

Various sizes

Bump anti-slip design

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The product is a feeding tray for chicken.

Chicken feeding trays is available in three sizes. The three models are 30cm, 35cm and 60cm in diameter. The feeding tray is 30cm.

The color of Chicken Feeding Trays is red.

The chicken feeding tray is made of high quality pure plastic, non-polluting, non-toxic and safe.

The use of this feed tray can reduce feed waste and greatly save farming costs.

The poultry chicken feeding trays material does not add a little recycled plastic.

The bottom of the tray has bumps to prevent the chickens and ducks from slipping.


High quality raw materials, anti-aging

The feed tray is produced from pure engineering materials.


The poultry round chicken feed tray is tough, resistant to stepping and pressure.

Easy to use

Put the feed in the tray and let the chicks eat

Various sizes

Round red trays are available in three sizes

Non-slip design

The inside of the tray is non-slip to prevent the chick from standing unsteadily and slipping

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