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Poultry Diesel Hot Air Blower

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Output heat(KW) 23 \43\ 50

KCal/h   20000 \37000 \37000

Motor power 100W \100W \250W

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Hot Air Blower is suitable for use in factories, garages, shops, offices, farms, etc.

The poultry diesel hot air blower is widely used in small and medium-sized farms for conservation and breeding.

Poultry Diesel Hot Air Blower can effectively solve the heating problem and reduce the loss caused by low temperature. For large farms, it can be used for supplementary heating or temporary heating.

Function Description:

Three-speed switch, cold, low, high

Can adjust the control temperature

Spiral air outlet, farther away from the wind

Up and down angles and elevations can be adjusted


Double overheat protection device: overheat protection device and induction temperature control probe

5–55 ° C freely adjustable temperature

Fully burning, no smell

After the machine stops heating, the fan works late and is cooled.

Rapidly warm up in 3 minutes, quickly enter the set temperature range, save energy and reduce losses

The blade is durable, the surface is smooth, the oxide layer is processed, it is light and durable, and it is not deformed.

Metal sprayed plastic case to prevent rust, heat dissipation, and external insulation.

Dual display computer board, one-button intelligent constant temperature control, precise temperature control.

Indoor hanging type, automatic running, low noise and powerful blowing

Simple operation, small size, easy to move and store.

Large capacity fuel tank ensures continuous operation for 10 hours

Gas atomization combustion, good combustion effect

Work principle:

Hot blast stove is utilize fuels burning in furnace to release chemical energy, heated the low temperature air to a certain temperature .

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