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Poultry Gas Heater Heaters for Chicken Houses

Infrared catalytic gas brooder

Easy to install and durable

Wide range of applications


The poultry gas heater can be used for greenhouse culture, heat preservation and hatching of animal larvae.

There are two types of this poultry gas heater.Gas heaters are the cheapest option to warm a poultry house. gas heaters for chicken houses

One is a manual version that requires manual ignition with a lighter.


  1. Connect natural gas, liquefied gas, biogas
  2. Press and hold switch
  3. Ignition on a ceramic plate
  4. Release after ignition

The other gas heater chicken house gas heaters is an automatic version, which automatically controls ignition and temperature.


  1. Switch on natural gas
  2. Connection system (power supply)
  3. Set temperature
  4. Turn on the control box

Features of heater

  1. Reduce the activation energy of combustible gas under the action of catalytic enthalpy, so that the low calorific value gas source such as biogas can be nearly completely burned
  2. Flameless catalytic burning. A natural gas NG, liquefied gas LPG biogas and other gaseous fuels are seen to have high quality and then catalyzed.Cuihuaran and release energy on the burning board of the agent
  3. Directly heating the object
  4. Improve thermal energy conversion energy (conversion rate of 95%)
  5. Excellent environmental protection effect
  6. Safe use of all directions
  7. Equipment installation costs are low
  8. Long service life The specific porosity of the cordierite combustion board effectively prevents thermal stress concentration, and the unique anti-carbonationTechnology allows the combustion plate to heat evenly to extend the life of the burner
  9. One product can provide sufficient energy for 500-600 chickens and ducklings.

Air consumption

Liquefied gas: 0.2m³/h                    Power: 2400 Kcal/h    2.8KW

Natural gas: 0.29 m³/h                   Power: 2400 Kcal/h     2.8KW


Additional information

Heat sourcing type

Ceramic infrared gas heater


Bedroom, Garden, poultry house, etc



Dimension of ceramic infrared gas heater



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