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Poultry Heat Lamp & Chicken Lamps for Sale

Waterproof, explosion-proof and durable

Circulating heating, uniform temperature

Exquisite detail design, quality assurance


The poultry heat lamp is a heating and insulation equipment for breeding livestock.

The heat lamp has three gears to adjust the temperature freely.

The product power is 100W–300W and the voltage is 220V. This power is suitable for piglets, young chickens and other livestock in the incubator or nursery for heating.

The poultry heat lamp solves the problem that the traditional heating lamp excessively evaporates the water in the pet body, and the humidity of the climbing box is low and dry.

It is heated by air circulation, heating does not reduce the humidity inside the box, and the temperature inside the box is balanced.

Heat lamp for chickens is a new generation of temperature-controlled heating equipment with wide applicability, easy to use, long life, good effect and subverting traditional heating equipment.

Features of poultry heat lamp:

The body shell is made of fireproof, sturdy and high temperature resistant plastic.
It is safer to use.

Hot air can be blown during work, the air volume is soft, and the heating efficiency is high.
Uniform temperature distribution

When working, the body is warm and not hot. Even if the animal encounters,
it will not be burn.

The heat flows in the air, which has the functions of heat preservation, sterilization, and ventilation, and promotes blood circulation of the animal to help digestion of the stomach.

The three-position toggle switch can be adjusted according to the indoor temperature.It is more convenient to use.

This product is a kind of brooding heat lamp,suitable for use in the chicken croop in winter.In the cold winter, if there is no heat lamp, the chicken may be frozen to death.

The body is specially equipped with three LED lights, and the light is soft, so that the animals are not glare and do not affect sleep.

Environmentally friendly and durable, explosion-proof and waterproof, it replaces the traditional heat preservation bulb with short life, easy to break, and can not adjust the temperature and other defects.


Three gears for free temperature adjustment

chicken heat lamp bulb has a long service life

Waterproof, explosion-proof and durable. The body is made of fireproof, tough, high temperature resistant plastic

Easy to use,you can use heat lamp to warm poultry farm.

Circulating heating, uniform temperature

Sterilize, disinfect, promote blood circulation, help digestion in the stomach

The brooder lamp with thermostat,can maintain the set temperature.

Exquisite detail design, quality assurance

Perfect after-sales service, rest assured to buy

Safe heat lamp for chicken coop

Poultry heat lamps for sale


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