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Poultry Low Pressure Water Regulator

poultry chicken automatic drinking water system

Adjustable pressure watering supply

poultry water pressure regulator

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Advantages of regulator

Poultry low pressure water regulator  is made of high-quality raw materials, has a long service life, and the low pressure water regulator is not easy to aging, and is easy to operate, and the pressure can be adjusted.

Poultry low pressure water regulator is an essential equipment in drinking water systems, it is mainly suitable for large chicken farms.

The low-pressure water regulator for chicken is equipped with a pressure-regulating button, and the water pressure can be set according to requirements. This water regulator dispenses joints and plugs for two-way or one-way water.

The low pressure water regulator is equipped with a ruler that displays the water level and allows real-time observation of water pressure.

Chicken low pressure water regulator is installed at the head or middle of drinking line.

Poultry  low pressure water regulator be used for regulate or adjust water pressure, to adjust the pressure data,avoid water-pressure of nipple too high hurting poultry while poultry are drinking.

The Poultry chicken water pressure regulator could show the pressure data of every drinking line accurately. Water pressure is displayed by the height of red floating ball in the transparent standing pipe.

Adjustable pressure range:0-0.6Mpa(0-87PSI)

When Poultry chicken water pressure regulator is 0.1Mpa,water flow rate at working state is 20kg/min;water flow rate at back flushing state is 35kg/min

Poultry  water pressure regulator Working state:

Rotate the work&back-flushing knob clockwise, rotate the water pressure regulating knob. Water level in the standing pipe increases&reduces by 100mm,water flow from nipple drinker will increases&reduces by 8-10ml/min.

Back flushing state: rotate the work&back-flushing knob counter-clock wise

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