Poultry Ventilation Fans

Galvanized material, no rust

Wide range of applications

High ventilation efficiency

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Poultry ventilation fans are widely used in chicken houses, greenhouses, workshops, textiles, chemicals, supermarkets and other places.

The poultry house ventilation fans have good ventilation and can refresh the air in a short time.

The poultry house ventilation fans adopt the advanced double door to open the front body, the wind resistance is small, the air is dense, and the efficiency is high.

The air passage adopts the plug-in connection design, which avoids the manual reinforcement of the bolt and the nut, thereby saving manpower.

The belt of the poultry ventilation fan is aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is not deformed and has a long service life.

Features of poultry ventilation fans

Th poultry ventilation adopts advanced front double door opening structure, which has small wind resistance, good airtightness and high efficiency.

The long speaker design increases the suction pressure.

The outer frame of the chicken house ventilation fan is galvanized to prevent rust.

When the double door of the chicken house fans is closed, a rubber sealing device is added.

When multiple fans are started at different times according to the environmental conditions .

The air backflow is effectively avoided, the operating efficiency is greatly improved .

And the efficiency is improved by 15-20% compared with the same power fan.

The special fan-shaped design of this chicken house ventilation fan makes it self-cleaning to achieve the highest efficiency, the blade is not deformed, not broken, beautiful and durable.

The blades of the poultry ventilation fans are calibrated by an advanced computer dynamic balance tester to ensure smooth operation of the fan, reduce noise, enhance stability and extend service life.

The chicken house ventilation fans are all equipped with hot-dip galvanized columns and hot-dip galvanized protection nets to ensure no rust during future use.

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