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Poultry Water Drinking Cup

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Poultry water drinker

Made of high quality plastic



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The cup is a poultry water drinker made of durable plastic material.

This drinker can drain water at 360 degrees without leaking water.This drinker is suitable for all chicks, some adult chickens(hens and cocks).

In the process of breeding chickens, it is necessary to ensure the safe and healthy drinking water of the chickens and to establish a reasonable and modernized poultry drinking water system. The establishment of the automatic chicken waterer system is not only conducive to the growth of chickens, reducing the probability of chicken sickness, improving the survival rate of chickens, and more importantly, the automatic poultry waterer system can save water resources and human resources, thereby saving input costs.

Features of chicken waterer

  1. The poultry drinking cup can be 360° water outlet, no water leakage
  2. Chicken watering is ABS engineering plastic refined, non-toxic, clean and clean
  3. Chicken water drinking cups can use a small amount of force to trigger large amounts of water
  4. High quality plastic material of the poultry water drinking cup, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, durable
  5. If you use the drinking system , poultry farm can save water and manpower
  6. The poultry drinking cups can ensure healthy drinking water and prevent disease

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