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Poultry Water Feeder

poultry water feeder

Made of plastic and stainless steel

Excellent quality and durability

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This waterer is a poultry water feeder made of durable plastic and stainless steel.

The chicken coop waterer is made of high quality plastic, durable and cost effective.

Automatic chicken feeder can be recycled for a long time, economic and environmental protection.


  1. Good quality and light weight
  2. The lower part is detachable for easy cleaning
  3. The poultry feeder is thick plastic, durable and cost effective
  4. The chicken water feeder can ensure healthy drinking water and prevent disease
  5. Recycled for a long time, economic and environmental protection

Our company sells a variety of poultry water feeder fountains and chicken drinking cup, hanging drinker cups, and feeders. Complete range, excellent quality, reasonable price, excellent service, please rest assured to buy.

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