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Rabbit Automatic Feeder

Rabbit automatic feeder

Stainless steel

Size: 10.7*9.3*13.7cm

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rabbit automatic feeder

This product is a rabbit automatic feeder.

Hay and feed can be placed in the automatic rabbit feeders .

Rabbit auto feeder is made of stainless steel and is durable.

There are holes on both sides of the automatic rabbit feeders , which can be fixed by screws, which is more secure and stable.

Advantages of rabbit feeders

  1. Automatic rabbit food dispenser is stainless steel, durable and cut cost
  2. Large capacity to meet the rabbit’s food needs
  3. Humanized design, easy to install, easy to operate
  4. Funnel design for quick and easy feeding
  5. Automatic bunny feeder can save time and effort
  6. Automatic rabbit food dispenser is clean and hygienic and prevent diseases

Additional information

Weight 0.157 kg
Dimensions 10.7 × 9.3 × 13.7 cm

Stainless steel



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