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Rabbit Cage Clips Wire Clip Pliers

Plastic handle and carbon steel plier

Rabbit cage clips

Thickened jaws, non-slip handle


rabbit cage wire clips pliers

The wire cage clip is mainly used for the installation of animal cages. The use of such pliers can increase work efficiency and save manpower.

The purpose of the clip rabbit cage pliers is mainly to make cages for livestock.

The rabbit cage clip is plastic handle and carbon steel plier.

Features of the pliers

  1. Wide application range, labor saving and easy to clip
  2. Thickened jaws, non-slip handle, easy to hold
  3. Weight of wire clip pliers is only 180g, light, labor-saving and easy to carry
  4. Plastic handle and carbon steel clip pliers ,durable,cut cost
  5. Cage pliers are of excellent quality,reasonable price

Clip pliers  size

cage clips and pliers replacement clips for rabbit cages

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg



Plastic Handle, Carbon Steel Plier



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