Rabbit Insemination Gun Semen Collector

Excellent quality

Clear and accurate scale

Ergonomically design and easy to use


rabbit artificial insemination tools rabbit artificial insemination kit

  1. Rabbits can use a sperm insemination to achieve a volume of 2 liters, complete. rabbit insemination gun
  2. It can meet the requirements of 0.5 liters of daily insemination, and it has good sealing and accurate delivery. The air gun push can obviously hear the sound of the airflow, and the jet effect is stronger.
  3. After long-term experiment, it proves that the effect is good, easy to use, fast, high success rate, easy to operate, save manpower and save time.

Features of insemination gun:

  1. Rabbit insemination gun is of excellent quality, long service life and better price/performance ratio!
  2. The rabbit insemination gun is ergonomically designed and easy to use when working!
  3. High quality materials, high quality!
  4. The scale of artificial insemination gun in rabbits is clear and accurate, and the amount of fines is more accurate!

rabbit artificial insemination kit for sale



Additional information

Dimensions 41 cm

Stainless steel


meat rabbit, long hair rabbit

Injection form:

continuous shooting

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