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Rabbit Nipple Drinker

Plastic and stainless steel material

No water leakage, durable

Rabbit-specific automatic drinking water system


The nipple type drinking fountain is widely used in large-scale rabbit farms at home and abroad.

It has the advantages of convenient drinking water, sanitation, labor saving and economy.

The rabbit nipple drinker can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

At present, many nipple drinkers are not durable, and water leakage and dripping are common.

That results in high humidity in the rabbit house, which brings trouble to management.

The nipple drinker is easy to breed moss in the water pipe .

It not only causes the water pipe to be blocked, but also easily induces digestive diseases.

So it is necessary to clean it in time to avoid disease in rabbits.

Our nipple dispenser faucet is made of copper and is durable and will not leak.

Precautions for installing 

Installation location

The nipple drinker is usually installed on the front or rear net of the rabbit cage, and some are installed on the back top net.

If it is installed on the top network, be sure to be close to the back net.

Installation height

During production, some rabbit farm nipple drinkers were installed at a height that was too low, mostly between 8 and 12 cm.

This installation has the following drawbacks:On the one hand, the rabbit needs to drink water and bows, which is not in accordance with the drinking habits of rabbits.

On the other hand, in the hot season, rabbits like to touch the nipples to let water flow to their bodies, which will cause hair loss in the long run.

The installation height of the rabbit farm nipple drinker is preferably 18-20 cm.

Angle of nipple

If installed on the top net, the nipple drinker is required to be perpendicular to the ground .

If installed on the back net, the nipple drinker is required to have a certain angle to the rear net, preferably around 85°.

Reduce water pressure

The nipple drinker cannot be directly connected to the high pressure water pipe and must be decompressed.

Check the repair

Once you find a leaking or dripping nipple, repair and replace it in time.

Additional information


Plastic and stainless steel


drink cleanly and water conservation




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