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Rabbit Plastic Water Pipe

Good quality and reasonable price

White transparent plastic material

Common equipment for rabbit drinking water system

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This rabbit pipe connector is a special drinking water pipe for breeding. The rabbit water pipe is made of high quality PUC plastic material and is one of the necessary accessories for the automatic drinking fountain system for chicken, duck and rabbit.

Excellent water pipe material to prevent aging

The transparency of the rabbit plastic water pipe is good, and it is convenient to observe the water flow.

The rabbit plastic water pipe is made of high-density PUC material, which is safe, non-toxic and tough.

Rabbit water pipe is not afraid of drying, not aging, strong and durable, reliable quality.

Rabbit water pipes water connection, and three generic mouth,  transparent plastic rubber.

Without impurities and regenerative materials, anti-wind and rain and sun, prolonged sun exposure, more anti-aging.

Rabbit waterers are easy to notice the water,and soft at all seasons.

There are rabbit water pipes for sale.Good quality, reasonable price, welcome to consult and purchase.

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Rabbit water pipe








Soft at all seasons


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