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Rabbit Water Bottle

Multiple specifications

Non-toxic material, safe and durable

Suitable for feeding rabbits

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  1. Rabbit Water Bottle must be filled with water. If it is not filled with water, it will cause insufficient internal pressure and leak.
  2. Install the faucet and tighten it. Some of the water bottles are in the shape of a plug. Be sure to push them tightly.
  3. Turn the water bottle upside down to block the water outlet and shake the air at the front end of the water outlet several times.
  4. You can see bubbles in the tail of the water outlet. You can also squeeze the bottle and squeeze out a small amount of drinking water, so that the vacuum inside the bottle will promote the pressure balance inside and outside the bottle.
  5. The installed water bottle is a normal phenomenon in the first few minutes. When the pressure inside and outside the bottle reaches an equilibrium point, it will stop naturally.


180ml rabbit cage water bottle : Suitable for fat hamsters, fat golden bears, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, squirrels, young rabbits, and chinchillas.

Note: The balls are relatively large. If your hamsters are small, it is recommended to buy a small drinking fountain.

350ml rabbit water bottle:Suitable for guinea pig, squirrel, rabbit, etc.

Note: For a special small hamster cage, this drinker is not suitable for long, small hamster cage is recommended to buy 80ML. Please consider it for yourself.

The spring and hook for fixing must be hung in the corresponding position. For example, the spring must be placed in the groove of the bottle of the drinker. If you do not put it in the groove, it may tighten the bottle and cause uneven pressure to seep out.

Please choose the right rabbit water bottle nipples according to your own cage.

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Plastic bottle body + stainless steel faucet


rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas

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