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Rechargeable Electric Pig Paddle

Rechargeable electric hog paddle

Safe and convenient to use

Waterproof, parts can be removed, easy to carry

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The traditional method of catching pigs is to put the rope on the pig, pull the pig forward, or use a wooden stick to drive the pig away. This method is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also not easy to manage pigs. Using pig paddle to catch pigs is a new way to catch pigs. It is easy, saves time and manpower, and has no harm to hogs. It is an indispensable tool for animal livestock.

The hog paddle catch pig tool is rechargeable electric pig paddle.The built-in battery capacity of the pig is large, 4000 mA. If it is used for 1.5 hours, the charge can be used for 2700 times.

The electric pig paddle has excellent quality and has been exported to Europe and America.

The rechargeable hog paddle can improve the responsiveness of piglets.

The copper probe has a large current, and it is harmless to the pig with the electric pig.

The way to catch pigs is very simple.

The overall waterproofing of the pigs can be used when it is raining, which is convenient and quick.

The rechargeable pig paddle can be disassembled and easy to carry.

The swine paddle has a strong toughness, can be bent 180 degrees at will, will not break, use the rest assured.

There are a variety of models available for the pig paddle to meet different needs. There are four models for hog paddles: 82cm, 66cm, 56cm, 32cm.This product is not only used to catch pigs, but also to catch sheep and catch cattle.

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