Rechargeable Pig Paddle

Waterproof and fall resistant

Available in a variety of sizes

Removable and easy to carry


The traditional method of catching pigs is to put the rope on the pig, pull the pig forward, or use a wooden stick to drive the pig away.

This method is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also not easy to manage pigs.It is one livestocktool .

Using pig paddle to catch pigs is a new way to catch pigs. It is easy, saves time and manpower, and has no harm to hogs. It is an indispensable tool for animal livestock.

The copper probe has a large current, and it is harmless to the pig with the electric pig.

The way to catch pigs is very simple .

The overall waterproofing of the pigs can be used when it is raining, which is convenient and quick .

This rechargeable livestock cattle paddle is available in a variety of sizes.

The rechargeable livestock pig paddles are made of high quality PVC material and the quality is guaranteed.

Product Size

Current  5000MA

Rod length 32cm /56cm/ 67cm / 81cm

Handle length  29cm  (Manual measurement, there may be errors)


• No harm to pigs

Charging pig paddles is achieved by using the principle of stimulating pigs with low currents in animals without Shanghai. The probe is ground and safe to use.

• Double switch protection

The pig paddle has a safety lock and a touch switch button for flexible operation and safety.

• Comfort handle

The handle of the pig paddle is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip, non-slip wear and solid material.

• Separate charging

The pig paddle is separated and charged, waterproof and anti-corrosion design, and has a longer service life. The battery of the pig paddle can be charged directly without disassembly.

• Bring light source

This pig paddle is a new upgrade with its own lighting. It is also very easy to catch pigs at night.

• Overall waterproof design

The paddle has a waterproof rating of IP45 and can be used in rainy days.

• Super toughness

The rechargeable livestock paddle has good toughness, is durable, and is 180° curved, which is not easy to break.



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