Red Sunglasses for Chickens

Polyethylene material

Non-toxic and harmless

Simple to wear


In large-scale chicken farms, due to the large number of chickens, there is often a fight between the chickens, the phenomenon of mane, and even the death of the chickens .

Therefore, the breeder will wear chicken glasses to the chicken.

Chicken glasses are devices that are worn on the head of a chicken to block normal normal light from the corn. Wearing chicken glasses, the chicken can not look normal, can only squint and look below.

Wearing chicken glasses can prevent chickens that are kept together from fighting each other and licking each other, reducing mortality and improving breeding efficiency.

Chicken sunglassesare worn for cocks to prevent for them fighting. The chicken sunglasses are red color . Red-tinted lenses were considered to be effective in reducing internecine pecking because they disguise the color of blood .

Red sunglasses for chickens is a new polyethylene material, durable, non-toxic and tasteless .

Red sunglasses for chickens are medium-sized chicken glasses without holes.

In addition, we also offer red chicken glasses with holes.

Advantages of Chicken sunglasses

Prevent fights between chickens and increase survival rate

Prevent chickens from licking eggs and improve economic efficiency

Reduce the activity of the flock and save the feed

Red sunglasses for chickens are of good quality and can be reused .


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