Salt Lick for Cows Goat Deer

Mineral nutrition salt brick

Easy to use, saves time and effort

Regulate livestock metabolism


This product is a mineral nutrient brick for livestock. Salt lick is good for animal.

The sheep cow salt lick contains copper, iodine, zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium and other nutrients.

Why choose the salt lick ?

Quick supplement nutrition

The licking bricks can supplement the nutritional deficiency of herbivores such as cattle and sheep and balance the diseases caused by the imbalance of trace elements in minerals.

Save time and energy

By placing the salt lick directly in the pasture, the animals are free to lick.

Regulate physiological metabolism

Licking salt bricks can regulate the physiological metabolism of livestock, increase feed conversion rate, and ensure the overall immunity of livestock.

Wide application range and good effect

The goat salt lrick is not only suitable for sheep, but also for herbivores such as camels and deer. It has more effective effects than other conventional salt bricks.

Effect of the salt licks

  1. Maintain electrolyte balance in the animal body.
  2. Promote the growth of livestock and increase the value of feed.
  3. Promote the reproduction of livestock.
  4. Prevention and treatment of mineral nutrient deficiencies in livestock, such as heterophilic phlegm, white muscle disease, high-yield cattle postpartum sputum, young animal rickets, nutritional anemia, etc.


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